Jenny Catton

Strategy Manager

Jenny Catton is the Strategy Manager for Women Who Lead. Her aim is to ensure this network of strong women is achieving it’s objectives.

She is a certified project manager (PMP), Lean Six-Sigma Black Belt and has her Master’s in Business Administration. Her experience has allowed her to follow her passion by facilitating the change management of a multitude of projects aimed to improve patient care. A fear of “having to impress” caused Jenny to adamantly avoid networking events for most of her schooling and health-care career. After her first meeting with Laura she could feel WWL’s core value of Authenticity come to life, and knew this would be a network where she could be herself without fear or judgement. Jenny wants to welcome anyone else whose hands start to sweat at the thought of networking events, and help to spread the word to women that this is a network where you should, and can, come as you are.

In her free time Jenny can be found reading food blogs and cookbooks, accompanying her new recipes with a glass of wine, and trying to get a new personal best at F45.