Women Who Lead is looking to partner with organizations that are passionate about engaging, educating and empowering women leaders.

Why does our industry need Women Who Lead?

  • Women comprise 70% of the health workforce worldwide but only occupy 25% of health leadership positions
  • The gender pay gap results in women making 26% less than their male colleagues

Partner with us to accelerate closing the gender gap in Canada’s health care system:

  • Gender-specific leadership training breaks down system barriers to position women as health leaders
  • Organizations with diverse leadership perform better and make better decisions – it positively affects the bottom line!
  • Professional women with other women in their inner circle land jobs that are 2.5 times higher in pay and authority than women without these connections

Become a Sponsor

By partnering with Women Who Lead you will be demonstrating a shared value system for empowering women health leaders. Your financial support will help us to inspire and equip women leaders in Canada with the skills required for career advancement and leadership.

We are thankful to all of our existing sponsors.


We will share your brand with hundreds of Women Who Lead at all of our mission-driven activities for 1-year. Inclusive of panel discussions and small-group boot camps.


We will share your brand with hundreds of Women Who Lead at each of our four-annual panel discussions.


We will share your brand with the Women Who Lead at one of our events.

For more information, contact:

Jenny Catton, weleadhealthcare@gmail.com, 289-888-2592