Identifying your values and igniting your passion | March 2022
Navigating the Practical, Social and Political Aspects of Transition | September 2021
A dialogue on health equity and systemic racism in healthcare | April 2021
Don’t call it a comeback: Why failure is necessary for growth | February 2021
You deserve to be here: Acknowledging and overcoming Imposter Syndrome | December 2020
Charge your Battery: Strategies for preventing and managing burnout | September 2020
Resiliency in the times of COVID: Navigating working from home with kids | June 2020
Co-creating a path forward and being an ally: Understanding the experiences of racialized women | February 2020

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Navigating Professional Aspirations Alongside Parenthood | December 2019
Navigating challenging conversation (without being called aggressive) | November 2019
Achieving influence and creating a shared vision | September 2019

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Identifying opportunity and achieving career success | June 2019
Advancing women in health leadership | Inaugural session